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Ironman Countdown (2): Chris McCormack talks

You’ve trained now four weeks in Darmstadt for the Ironman Germany.
How was your preparation for the race?

Chris: The training has been solid but to be honest I didnt really have a heavy training workload. I have a big objective this year in kona and the key in europe was to race extensively and just train easily. My heavy training begins in 2 weeks after Ironman Germany. My racing has been great this year. The training in Darmstadt was wonderful. I really loved the swimming and running. It was great.

Last weekend you win the Heinerman-Triathlon in a fantastic manner and
time? You’re continualed smiled and was is acutally hard. It?s looks so easy?

It was a sound race for me. I felt very controlled and comfortable. I am in good condition at the moment so the race was very easy. I pushed early on the bike to establish a lead and was able to relax on the run. The non drafting events in triathlon require a sound ability to do all 3 disciplines. Many of the new generation of athletes struggle with this as they come from a drafting background. They have an acute weakness on the bike that can be highlighted. I an solid in the three sports and this was evident in Hienermann. Once you escape on the bike you can stay relaxed. It was an easy win.

What are your goals in Frankfurt. Do you want “only” win the race or
do you want beat your time record from last year?

I would like to win Frankfurt thats for sure. I enjoyed very much the race last year but winning Ironman races is very difficult to predict. I think my fittness is good but I am not as fit as last year. I had a definate focus last year on this race. This year it is all about Hawaii for me. This being said, I still believe I can win the race in Frankfurt but i need to be much smarter about it this year and be more tactical in the run. The record we will have to see about. I know it is possible but last year everyone told me I was a big mouth because I said we could break 8 hours. after the press conference everyone said i was crazy and this was impossible. now suddenly everyone thinks we can break it. Anyway we will see. The field is very good, the Germans are very focused for their sponsors to do good here and i think it will be a special race.

Why are you come back to Frankfurt?

It is a nice race and i like racing the best guys in the world. I think i am the only triathlete who looks to race the best guys in the world at all races and not just Hawaii. Frankfurt is a huge race. The biggest events after Hawaii are Roth and Frankfurt. I won in Roth 4 times so Frankfurt was my next objective. I like to race the best and only get motivated when the best are on the line. I enjoy the entire racing scene here in Germany.

What is your strong point/streanghth and do you’ve actually any

I am a smart racer. Many of the Ironman guys are two dimensional and have no brains when they race. Tactically I am very astute and I can swim bike and run well so I have the ability to be much smarter in an event. My biggest strength is my love of racing. I just love to put a number on and race people. I have a great ability to plan and a good work ethic. My strength is my love of competition and being the best athlete I can be. My weaknesses is that I can get easily bored and need to find new goals and challenges.

For what do you’ve the most respect in an Ironman?

The distance. People who have done an Ironman understand how hard the distance of the race is. Anything can happen in a race of this length and respecting that is what is key. even the best athletes in the history of triathlon have been humbled by Ironman.

Who are the biggest opponents in Frankfurt for you?

Timo Bracht, Eneko LLanos, Andrease Raelert. I think the europeans are big threats as this race is so important to them. The guys who have focused on this event and need this race will be dangerous and these 3 guys seem to be the most focused. faris will try to escapew on the bike because he needs to do something to promote his new team. He doesnt have the horsepower in this type of field to run the low 2:40 run splits that will be required to win this event. Dont be surprised if you see a run split under 2:40. it is possible

Next week you will leave Darmstadt. How was your stay in Darmstadt? Do
you’ve had a good time here? What do you think about the training in the club and what are you thinking about the DSW?12?

The club is great and I enjoyed my time. I hope to come back again next year. That would be wonderful.

What do you think about the long-distance professionals in the club
Nicole Leder, Frank Vytrisal, Markus Fachbach and Enrico Knobloch? Do’you have trained together?

I trained a lot with Nicole. i think the long distance guys are solid. Frank I swam with a lot but I did most of my training with the Leders and with Paul Ambrose who stayed with me. I think the club does a wonderful job. you have so much experience in the club that the younger athletes can access and use. I think the potential for excellence is all around you. You need to use the great experiece athletes you have in the club a little more.

What are you plans after Frankfurt? Will you come back next year?

I hope to return. I go home to my family. I am soo homesick for them I cant wait to see my two girls and my wife Emma. I will be back next year and would like to thankyou all for letting me train with you. It was wonderful.

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