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2004 DuraAce Details!

2/15 ~ HOT! Let the speculation begin! We’re finally allowed to let you know the first official word from Shimano on their next generation road group.
Dura Ace®, will be completely renewed. The new 10-speed system has been developed under the concept of Speed, Smooth and Strength and this will be reflected in the product with its super-light weight, high durability and high efficiency. There will be no need to modify frame dimensions to accommodate New Dura Ace®.

Interesting stuff that only answers one question, the number of speeds… we’ll keep you informed as best we can!

-weitere Recherchen ergaben, dass die neue Gruppe im Herbst 2003 in die Läden kommt…Bis dahin hat Campagnolo sicherlich schon 12-speed herausgebracht!!!

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